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 Free ASP Upload  [Demo] Cost: FreeVersion 2.0
A fast, stream-based, full source, free script that handles huge files and makes it easy to add upload forms to your web site. No longer will you need a binary upload component, which, besides being expensive, requires special server permissions.

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Written by Anonymous User (#1197-137) from Phoenix, AZ   (Wednesday, January 30, 2008)
Strengths:   error checking, VERY easy to use  
Weaknesses:   does not make toast for me  
Details:   Not sure what else to say, this thing is perfect. Like to see another featured added though. Maybe sending an email to a designated receiver to notify of a new upload. Not that it's difficult to deal with myself, but I'm trying to get this script to make my toast for me as well. Thank you so much.
Review Based On:   10 Day(s) of usage  

Brilliant Free ASP Coding    
Written by Anonymous User (#1640-223) from Munich, Germany   (Thursday, January 17, 2008)
Strengths:   Easy to adapt and to integrate.  
Weaknesses:   none as of yet  
Details:   Actually I've been using the old version (Dowmloaded in maybe 2004?) I haven't checked out the latest version, but look forward to doing this asap. As an absolute amateur, I find that this code is easy to understand and follow. I have altered it and been more than pleased with the results. Thank you all for putting this great stuff at our FREE disposal! Kind Regards Sean
Review Based On:   40 Month(s) of usage  

Superb good!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1571-173)  (Thursday, November 29, 2007)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   fast, simple, easy, convenient, stand-a-lone  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   It is nice. I was looking for upload script for my asp project and this script made it easy and simple for me. Matches my requirement. Well, nice security to ensure no one writes wrong review as result of competition. My conclusion is this script very easy to integrate and works stand alone without need for any additional element if using quite latest IIS.
Review Based On:   1 Day(s) of usage  

Very usefull script    
Written by Anonymous User (#1683-258) from Greece   (Sunday, December 09, 2007)
Strengths:   simple, immediate installing, easy to customise  
Weaknesses:   No alert message when replacing existing files.  
Details:   Very simple, immediate installing, easy to customise, complete and usefell asp script. No code or asp knwoledge needed. What i would like more is a) an alert message "replace file" when the uploaded files are going to replace already existing. b) Specific files only to be allowed for uploading.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Simple and it works    
Written by Anonymous User (#1440-95) from PHILIPPINES   (Monday, November 05, 2007)
Strengths:   Simple program that works  
Weaknesses:   Security --- uploading infected/malicious files?  
Details:   It is a simple code and easy to use. Nothing much to say. Currently still doing more test on the code. So far, it is working as promised. As indicated on the weaknesses, security feature may be included to restrict uploading malicious or infected files into the server. I believe the programmer's intent here is to provide a simple uploading utility only. Any addition like security is up to the user(s) to introduced into the code.
Review Based On:   1 Hour(s) of usage  

Just what I looked for    
Written by Anonymous User (#1621-255) from Stockholm, Sweden   (Friday, October 26, 2007)
Strengths:   Excellent documentation, code is easy to implement  
Weaknesses:   Have not seen any so far.  
Details:   I learned a lot of the documentation, espacially from the hints regarding how to handle uploads in a safe way. The code is easy to understand and contains full testing of the environment which means that you do not need to waste time to track any errors produced by yourself. I am happy with this solution!
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Excellent Component    
Written by Anonymous User (#1733-305) from Arlington,VA, USA   (Wednesday, October 17, 2007)
Strengths:   One file, multiple upload  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   This simple easy to use code with sample file is wonderful and thank you for sharing this code with us. It has lot of inbuilt validation and useful messages to see whether a directory has access rights and write permissions. I have included this code in my application within 5 mins and I would recommend this code to anybody. -Raj
Review Based On:   5 Day(s) of usage  

You saved my project with freeASPUpload.asp    
Written by Anonymous User (#1524-125) from San Diego, CA   (Monday, October 01, 2007)
Strengths:   Fast, efficient, excellent documentation, program self help  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   This is an excellent ASP solution for a problem that was really setting me back. Your program's ability to analyze and direct me to solutions pages really helped me through the problems I had with my IIS settings. The code is well written and documented in-line enough to where I could easily make adjustments to make it fit my needs without risking compromising the program. Thank-you again!
Review Based On:   1 Hour(s) of usage  

Does what it says    
Written by Anonymous User (#1718-281) from Fort Collins, CO   (Wednesday, September 26, 2007)
Strengths:   No limit on upload size  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   Free ASP Upload is easy to customize; I'd recommend it to anyone needing a quick and easy way to upload files using vbscript.
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  

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