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Windows 2008 from $5/mo. Supporting ASP.NET, AJAX, MVC, ASP, SQL Server, FrontPage, Access, FREE Components & Mail/Stats by SmarterTools. FREE Install on .NET Starter Kits, DNN & ASPForums. 24/7 TOLL FREE phone support, FREE Domain w/Annual Package!

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infosaic web promoter    
Written by Troels Kjerulf from Denmark   (Tuesday, August 05, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   very friendly staff!!! fast service... fast connections  
Weaknesses:   cant think of any......  
Details:   At very low cost, they provide fast and reliable service, they even install stuff on the iis upon request... even with the cheapest account types.... I cannot think of any provider that comes even close to doing all this, at this low cost!
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Great hosting, great service    
Written by Jean-Sebastien M. from Montreal, QC   (Thursday, May 01, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Excellent support, great prices  
Weaknesses:   no 1-800 phone line  
Details:   ASP hosting for 5$ a month is the best price I found on the Internet! And they do offer an excellent customer service. They will help you within minutes via email. Keep up the good work!
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

Best service    
Written by Anonymous User (#1256-156) from Florida   (Friday, May 30, 2003)
Strengths:   Excellent service, excellent and kind support staff  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   I have been using infosaic domain registration and hosting services for the web pages I design. So far, I have not had a single problem with their service.Domain registration was always accurate and ontime, and hosting is flawless. My clients are also very satisfied with the hosting. Gary has been very helpful with technical setup and support. And...April is the best.
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

customer service    
Written by Kashif Rana from MD   (Tuesday, April 15, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Personlized customer service  
Weaknesses:   They don't provide toll free number and online chatting.  
Details:   I liked personlized customer service. They answer and explain all the questions in details.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Infosaic Features    
Written by Anonymous User (#1494-30) from undisclosed   (Friday, April 25, 2003)
Strengths:   Price and Reliability  
Weaknesses:   Features, Control Panel, Total Control over your paid space, etc  
Details:   At first Infosaic was a good choice. But after I ran into other hosting provider, I found their service very inferior to most of the advance Hosting Companies today. Lack of control and features are what their hosting package is missing. Features like unlimited emails, unable to create a admin/client users to administer your site on a multiple user level and much more. Get a good Windows Hoster and compare the feature with Infosaic before hosting with them. But inf fairness to them, if your are looking for a basic ASP/ hosting without other advance features found on other hosting, you can try Infosaic.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

Clan NBK Loves Infosaic!    
Written by Dan Lipscomb from Atoka, TN   (Thursday, January 09, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   response time, up time, problem solving, patient, helpful  
Weaknesses:   none found  
Details:   We are UT99 Clan NBK. we are just a group of working class guys who love to play online games, and when we decided it was time to find a host so our bbs/forum could be online 24/7 and not restricted to our own computers and dsl connections, we searched for about 3 weeks, and decided upon Infosaic for their pricing, their promised service levels, and their general demeanor to us when we called and held lenghty conversations with them 4 times before we became a customer. We have not been dissappointed with our decision in any way, shape, or form. Not only did they answer every question we had about using an online host, they were kind enough to put up with the ump-teen numbers of emails and phone calls we made while we were learning how to run our forum remotely, and they never once treated us like the non-technical people that we are. One thing we REALLY appreciate about them is that whenever we call them, there is a human being on the phone right away.. i think the longest i was ever on hold waiting to talk with one of them was about a minute. None of us have ever had any reports to give from our members or our visitors that the forum was "not available", or slow loading.. this means a lot to us as it helps us to promote our presence in the Unreal Tournament community. We will continue to host our forum with Infosaic for as long as they will have us, because for them to be able to take a group of 'Average Joe' type overgrown children like us that are not "computer profecient and certified" and get us online as quickly as they did with as little pain as possible really means a lot to us. Thank you so much to April, Garry and the rest of the Infosaic crew!!
Review Based On:   8 Month(s) of usage  

OK customer service and tech    
Written by Anonymous User (#1475-69)  (Tuesday, September 10, 2002)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Helpful to fix things  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   I'm very pleased with the customer service, also the general tech. I set up a .Net site, sql2K, and all went OK. I changed previously hosting for lack of this attention and knowledge. Garry is very helpful. Keep on. Ion C. Paris, France
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

Pleasure to work with.    
Written by Anonymous User (#1823-214) from NJ   (Tuesday, October 01, 2002)
Strengths:   Fast, reliable, friendly.  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   I design sites for a living, and I highly recommend Infosaic as a host to all my clients. I have yet to hear one complaint from them. Their servers are blazing fast and reliable, and support for web applications is great. In fact I am so impressed, that I decided to write this whole thing - very unsusual for me.
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

Extremely fast reply!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1606-179) from KL, Malaysia   (Friday, August 30, 2002)
Strengths:   fast reply, explain in very detail!  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   Every time I request or have an enquiry, Mr. Garry will give me a promt reply. I just wonder how come he can be response so fast, some more, giving every explaination/suggestion in detail. :) I love you very much, Garry!
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

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