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 ASPBanner Unlimited  [Demo] Cost: $79.95 USDVersion 8.3
Highly Optimized Banner Rotation System. Extremely Fast and Robust. Rotate Images, Custom Code, Flash, etc. Detailed statistics for advertisers. Pure ASP, no Dll's to install on the server. Many methods of calling banners. MSACCESS MSSQL Much More Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript

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Good Stuff    
Written by nick d from California   (Wednesday, September 29, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Fast, Great Support, Stable  
Weaknesses:   Reports Could be a bit more detailed  
Details:   Been using aspbanner for about a year on run about 2.5 mil + impressions a month. aspbanner works great, I'm very happy. i wish the support for my forum software was half as good! Chris is very very prompt with email support and a couple mods for my configuration. He's always been polite and makes a great product and i don't think it can be beat for the price. The reports the end users get aren't as detailed as they could be, but i would still buy it all over again (again you can't beat the price) in a heartbeat. Definitely money well spent!
Review Based On:   13 Month(s) of usage  

An Outstanding Banner Ad system!!!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1403-94)  (Saturday, September 18, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Very affordable, easy admin interface, Terrific support!  
Weaknesses:   None that I can detect.  
Details:   I have done some research ahead of time and for the money, this banner ad system beats them all! I would say it beats the ones that are considerably more expensive as well! It was well thought out and developed. Chris is a talented person and offers very quick and very helpful answers to my questions. My site is still a week or so away from launching, but I have tested the system using a number of test banners and have found the system to work flawlessly. I can't wait until my site gets going to really see it in action.
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

For the price this system can't be beat !!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1727-273)  (Monday, June 28, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Serves Banners Lightning fast and Stable Too  
Weaknesses:   Some more reports would be nice.  
Details:   I must say ASPBanner Unlimited is one of the best ASP applications I have ever used. It is easy to setup, it is easy to use, and it is easily serving 1 million ads a week for us without a hitch. I noticed one review saying ASPBanner was using up resources on their server. I can not say the same. As a matter of fact sometimes we run the server for months without even rebooting it. ASPBanner is Rock Solid. It could use some more reporting options but what it has is sufficient. For 50.00 you can not go wrong. Chris from CJWSoft has been very helful and the CJWSoft support forums are full of great information. I would gladly purchase from CJWSoft in the future.
Review Based On:   6 Month(s) of usage  

Not for larger sites    
Written by Adam Brooks from North Carolina, USA   (Tuesday, April 13, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Easy and cheap - ok for small sites?  
Weaknesses:   Tapped resources on large site, limited functionality  
Details:   We installed this app on our web site. We receive a good deal of traffic, but have run stable for years. Within a few days of installation, our host notifed us that we were exceeding system resources. I had to remove it and go with an alternative solution. I can't receommend this for a big site, but may be okay for small operations. Another thing to keep in mind is that it's really a pretty basic setup. Good or bad? I guess it depends on your goals. If you ever want to really get professional and offer innovative ad packages, you're going to need something a bit more robust than what ASP Banner provides. We ended up going with and thus far a much happier. If anyone wants to buy the license off of me, they can get it cheap.
Review Based On:   7 Day(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   Folks, this guy never even gave us a chance to help him. He actually never even asked for help. Its really too bad he had to unfairly bash ASPBanner in this review. Bottom line is ASPBanner performs whether the site is big or small. A customer named John E. who now helps with CJWSoft development once ran a domain called (recently sold to some place that wanted the traffic). He served up over 10,000,000 impressions a week with ASPBanner and never had a problem. John described the application as the most rock solid ASP Application he ever used. My guess is the guy who posted this review has a ridiculously busy site on a shared server with 200 other sites and the hosting company got on his case because his site was using over 5% server utilization. Other than that there were probably no real issues. Unfortunately we'll never know. As for the limited features, well, this sells for 50.00 after all. If it had every feature under the sun it would cost 10 times that.

Excellent Product - Recomended    
Written by Anonymous User (#1684-174)  (Thursday, March 18, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Cheap, Easy to Use, Does a Great Job.  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   ASPBaner turned out to be a great alternative to be a great choice. It does the job as good, if not better than some of the other ad management systems I've seen and is simple to install and use. By buying ASPBanner I saved my self a lot of time and effort by not having to buid it myself from the ground up. If you wish to edit the code, you will find it simple and easy to understand but it's really not necessary as it performs as it should straight from the box.
Review Based On:   7 Day(s) of usage  

Excellent Product - Excellent BackUp Service    
Written by Anonymous User (#1827-251)  (Wednesday, March 10, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Cost - Service - Features - Speed - Ease of Use  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   After trying to setup the banner scripts at first at not being able to get it to track the banners that were being displayed, I contacted the developer. I got an immediate response (allowing for US-UK time difference) solving my problem (my fault not the scripts). Another issue arose after that which the developer resolved immediately, even debuggung on the live server for me. I didn't want have to lose the use of this program as it is an excellent piece of software which the developer takes obvious pride in and rightly so. I am extremely pleased with product and level of service given.
Review Based On:   5 Day(s) of usage  

Solid solution to a need    
Written by Michael Cannon from Lubbock, TX   (Tuesday, March 02, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Speedy, easy setup, good response from developer  
Weaknesses:   None as of yet  
Details:   I was looking for a script to implement banner ads on one of my sites. The price has more than been made up in time savings. Product is easy to use, has excellent documentation for use and setup. I have not tried to customize the code so I do not know if that is difficult or not.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

GREAT Product    
Written by Anonymous User (#1472-227)  (Friday, September 12, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Price, support, performance  
Weaknesses:   None I could find  
Details:   Great product for the money, in fact systems costing 10x more dont have some of the features. aspbanner was a snap to install! had it running in 10 min and the one question I had was answered by support within 30 min.
Review Based On:   8 Month(s) of usage  

Excellent Product!    
Written by Douglas Schader from Bangkok, Thailand   (Saturday, August 30, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Very easy to configure, simple interface, works 100%, the best addition to my web site  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   The code works very well, too many strengths to list. The only weakness (and it's not really a weakness) is it would be nice to include the ability of account holders to have statistics e-mailed. I highly recommend this application.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

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