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 2eNetWorX StatCounteX  [Demo] Cost: FreeVersion 3.1
StatCountex is a statistics reporting application written in pure ASP. Being a lot more powerful than a simple page counter, StatCounteX features detailed access statistics using ASP and an Access database. Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript

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Great product!    
Written by Jay from New Zealand   (Wednesday, July 23, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Simple to install, simple to follow, great graphs and reporting  
Weaknesses:   Can only use in web pages (e.g. not pdf or doc)  
Details:   Had the app downloaded, understood, configured and in place all within an hour.
Review Based On:   1 Day(s) of usage  

Not quite there with this one.    
Written by Anonymous User (#1280-36)  (Sunday, July 06, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Has the chance of becoming a good add-on if they had get their act together with support.  
Weaknesses:   Most of the ASP scripts have some bugs which, although easy enough to find haven't been sorted out.  
Details:   What should have just been a simple upload and configure type add-on turned out to be a nightmare of bug finding. The support on their site is lacking a lot, leaving visitors to their forums with the task of sorting out their scripts for them. If you look through the uploads on this site, (if you can be bothered) there are some complete upgrades that actually work. Forget about Ver 3.1 it has too many faults.
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

Very High Quality - Could be expanded    
Written by Anonymous User (#1438-138) from Adelaide, AUSTRALIA   (Tuesday, July 29, 2003)
Strengths:   Very easy to customise and setup  
Weaknesses:   Not a complete list of browsers to report  
Details:   The code that operates StatCounteX does not include a detailed list of browsers to search for (e.g. users with Opera are not counted). That said, the code is very easy to adjust to your own personal needs. You can include your own code to get a detailed list of browsers. Because this Script is 'Open Source' you have the freedom to modify the code and much as you like and make contributions to the development
Review Based On:   5 Day(s) of usage  

The Easiest ASP stat script yet    
Written by Anonymous User (#1611-283)  (Monday, June 02, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Easy to install, configure and read the final output.  
Weaknesses:   Graphs are a little clumsy  
Details:   After trying 3 other ASP based statistic scripts and having no luck, I tried StatCounteX. Within a few minutes everything was working perfectly. This is one very easy script to use.
Review Based On:   7 Day(s) of usage  

Not accurate at all    
Written by Luiz C. from São Paulo, Brasil   (Thursday, January 09, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Easy to implement  
Weaknesses:   Count the same IP as different visitors; orders days by their first number (1, 10)  
Details:   It's not reliable. Count the same IP as unique visitors many times. On a specific day, order IP numbers by number and not by date/time of visit. Order days by number (1, 10, 11...19, 2, 20...29, 3, 30, 31, 4, 5, 6...) on reportpathd.asp. Order months by number of visits and not chronologically
Review Based On:   5 Month(s) of usage  

Stop searching! Use this great tool    
Written by Anonymous User (#1442-119) from The Netherlands   (Thursday, January 09, 2003)
Strengths:   Free, free, free  
Weaknesses:   Difficult voor newbies  
Details:   It took some time to figure it out but is was not the code. This was all very clear. My provider did not give me the read/write permission on the directory :-(. But now it works and it is a great tool. Thank!!!!! Frank
Review Based On:   3 Day(s) of usage  

Great free counter    
Written by Anonymous User (#1383-81) from Denmark   (Friday, December 06, 2002)
Strengths:   Free and coded in pure ASP  
Weaknesses:   None compared with the price  
Details:   Tried the script during a 12 month period and have no complaints
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

The best stat counter    
Written by Anonymous User (#1425-201)  (Thursday, September 05, 2002)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   visitors for each page and click paths for all visitors  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   Since the first time i tried StatCountex i realized that it's really powerful and it's what i need to monitor my site
Review Based On:   24 Month(s) of usage  

simply the best    
Written by Anonymous User (#1345-66) from Chicago   (Friday, September 20, 2002)
Strengths:   can use .htm and .html content pages, reports  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   I was able to implement the code in about 15 minutes. The reporting blew me away!
Review Based On:   1 Day(s) of usage  

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