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Windows 2003 Webhosting with Instant Activation using the powerful HELM control panel to manage your domain. Servers are housed in the award winning Planet data centre. ASP.NET included. Reseller accounts available.

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I would never recommend Stormhosts    
Written by Anonymous User (#1195-46) from Illinois   (Friday, August 29, 2014)
Strengths:   None  
Weaknesses:   All  
Details:   If he gets disgruntled, he will deactivate you and drop your hosting and anything he does for your company. It is like being held hostage by this company. Does not return telephone calls, either, when needed. He is just a one man employee-owned business. I would stay away from this company.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Long term customer    
Written by David Heidke from Brockton, MA   (Friday, December 23, 2011)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Quick, Knowledgable, helpful, Consciencious  
Weaknesses:   None that I've seen  
Details:   This place is great, they have great uptime, and provide superior and timely customer support. Their prices are good, the control panels are easy to use. They also offer other services like set up and configuration that I have found invaluable. You won't make a mistake by picking these guys. I would recommend them all day long!
Review Based On:   60 Month(s) of usage  

Best Hosting Serving I Could Find!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1563-216) from Las Vegas, MV   (Sunday, May 23, 2010)
Strengths:   Great Control Panel in Helm. Great Customer Service.  
Weaknesses:   Haven't noted any weaknesses.  
Details:   After running my own servers for 8 years I needed the rest, but didn't want to lose the control. I tried out StormHosts and they rose to the challenge. Allen and his team are always there to help me make adjustments. I'm sleeping easy, can take vacations and don't have to worry about protecting my servers from attack. Thanks, Guys!
Review Based On:   96 Month(s) of usage  

the best service and support    
Written by Akshay Sura from New York   (Wednesday, October 01, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   support, service, quality  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   Allen and Keith do a wonderful job with the service and support. I cant say enough about them. I refer customers to them. Very reliable host. The control panel HELM is easy to use, loads extremely fast. Setting up sites, dns, ftp, databases is very easy. For situations where you need ports to be open or need to connect to an external db, they are very accommodating.
Review Based On:   10 Month(s) of usage  

Best Hosting Company I Have Ever Had    
Written by Nathan Rose from Delray Beach, FL   (Wednesday, August 27, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Knowledgeable  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   I have been with Stormhosts for over five years now and have three websites hosted with them. I have never had better service, uptime, or comprehension of what I need them to do maintenance wise on a server. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. If you are upset with your hosting company. Don't walk RUN over to Stormhosts.
Review Based On:   60 Month(s) of usage  

Support Second to None    
Written by Mark Czajka from Waldorf, MD   (Tuesday, August 26, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Support, Interacting with a live person  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   I accidentally deleted a very important function file in my portal today. Within minutes, I was able to get them to restore the file so my website was back up. They have always been very responsive to my needs. I don't think you would get this level of support using sites like GoDaddy. Consider for your next hosted solution.
Review Based On:   72 Month(s) of usage  

Service before self.    
Written by Anonymous User (#1690-224) from Mo   (Wednesday, August 27, 2008)
Strengths:   Service! Service! Service!!  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   I work in Management for a large Internet Service Provider and I know one of the most important features of a service related company is Customer Service and Technical Support. SH excels in both of these areas. I have a very high traffic website, large data base, 40k+ members, massive forums etc. SH handles this site perfectly, a task 3 web hosting companies prior to them could not do. I have been with SH for 3 years, when the site did experience issues, and this was a very rare event, SH was on ASAP and kept me posted until the issue was resolved. Service is key, it is what makes one company stand out amongst so many others. The company I work for strives for top notch Customer Service, it is one reason that we have excelled past our competition. It is this same level of Customer Service that makes SH stand out!!!
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  

Over 4 years of great service    
Written by Dan Bodenstein from South Florida   (Thursday, January 31, 2008)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Fast support, versatility, control panel  
Weaknesses:   FTP sometimes a tad slow.  
Details:   I have been using StormHosts for all my clients and my personal sites for over 4 years now. Like all hosts, there is the occasional outage or downtime, but SH does a great job of updating their users of the status. I have setup ASP,, and PHP sites, using Access db, MS SQL, and mySQL on their Windows machines with no problems. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to host their clients sites, or their own personal sites. The Helm control panel makes configuring and modifying your site setters REALLY easy.
Review Based On:   50 Month(s) of usage  

Written by Anonymous User (#1786-270) from Belgium   (Thursday, January 31, 2008)
Strengths:   Support, Speed, Reliable  
Weaknesses:   Not a single point  
Details:   If ppl are satisfied then i think its normal that they wanne spread the word about their experience. It can help others to make a maybe difficult choice. I make this posting to say nothing than good words about STORMHOSTS.NET I'm there since the beginning which i think its already more than 5 years. Since im from Belgium and SH was situated in the states it wasnt directly an obvious decision to choose for them regarding support etc... Well i can say: I was suprised about their support and about their reliability. If i had any probs they where always available to help you with pleasure and not unimportant, their speed of support! After more than 5 years i can still recommend it to everyone, from newbie to a more experienced user. If you are looking for fast, reliable hosting at cheap prices then you don't need to look any further: Stormhosts is your partner. For now and in the future! If you have any more q's about SH...please feel free to ask me kind regards, Peter
Review Based On:   60 Month(s) of usage  

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