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 ASPProtect  [Demo] Cost: Free Trial/$49.95/$99.95 USDVersion 8.0
User Management Password Protection Application. Web based screens allowing you to manage users from anywhere. Pages to protect simply need 2 lines of code added. Other files types can be protected. Pure ASP Solution. No Dll's Supports PayPal,2Checkout Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript

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Good software Installed and working in 3 days!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1844-244) from Miami, FL, USA   (Tuesday, March 22, 2011)
Strengths:   easy install - easy to customize - not expensive  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   Easy to install. I have no database knowledge or asp but it worked wonders and the instructions are easy. Well worth the money. I give it 2 thumbs up. It's up and running here Good example of working code. I did try another software and it was also good but just the same for 4 times as much.
Review Based On:   5 Day(s) of usage  

Nice system !    
Written by Anonymous User (#1226-171) from Boca Raton. FL   (Saturday, September 25, 2010)
Strengths:   Works as advertised.  
Weaknesses:   none  
Details:   Works nicely, Easy to setup, and saved us a lot of time building our site which we plan to launch this october. We are just about ready thanks to finding aspprotect via Now, we did have to spend some time modifying the html to match our site design, but you kind of have to expect that when dealing with things like this. Anyway, it's a nice product. Would purchase again.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

Truly Excellent Membership System    
Written by Anonymous User (#1665-231) from Ney York, New York   (Monday, August 30, 2010)
Strengths:   works as advertised  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   I searched around and if you are looking for a membership system written in classic asp ASPProtect is (in my opinion) hands down the best system on the market. It is also the only system that you can easily integrate a forum into as they also sell a forum that works with the ASPProtect user database. Honestly, I had no trouble using the system. You get the source code and can modify anything you want to. The forums are full of great information and the developer answered my iqnuiries quickly. I've read some of the comments here and I think some people just expect too much for their purchase. This is asp code. You really need to be experienced with asp before you purchase something like this. Bottom line is a great system, it does what it claims to do and it does it well.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

Rude service, poor code, design could be improved    
Written by Anonymous User (#1425-122) from uk   (Friday, June 04, 2010)
Strengths:   It all works now Ive finished off the code for the developer!  
Weaknesses:   poor code, flaky functionality, design could be improved, overpriced  
Details:   This is full of bad code and junk. You can even see where the coder has added comments where the code doesnt work, rather than fixing it before deciding to cash in and selling it. If you need to integrate this into an existing web design you will have days of fun removing the endless reams of CSS and formatting info from all the pages. Support leaves much to be desired as the author seems to have a personality defect and only likes to provide support when he is in the mood. My experience is that he would preffer to be rude. With regards the design, here is some detail of my feedback. - users cant add their own photos - groups have to be assigned manually to users rather than added automatically (or by default) on registration. My advice, steer well clear unless you fancy finishing off a badly coded, flaky product.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

Great product bad service    
Written by Anonymous User (#1475-234) from Detroit, MI   (Wednesday, September 17, 2008)
Strengths:   good program, well written  
Weaknesses:   customer service, support  
Details:   Ok, this is a great product, it does what i want it to do and is fairly easy to install. However, if you run into a problem either installing or customizing and you need help via their support forum get ready to be ridiculed. The guy is a jerk and instead of answering a simple question he'd rather make you look like an idiot for not already knowing. To see what i mean go ahead and read through a few threads on their support forum. Besides that i like the software so far and im also using xperience forums from them. Good job guys.
Review Based On:   5 Day(s) of usage  
Rebuttal From Listing Owner:   Well, what is there to say when an anonymous person badmouths you ? I am always assisting people in my forums. It takes up a lot of my time and I think I do a great job.

Outstanding Application, Documentation, Support    
Written by Anonymous User (#1391-277) from Dallas, TX, USA   (Friday, December 02, 2005)
Strengths:   Great setup instructions, highly customizable, MSSQL support, secure, protection for many file types  
Weaknesses:   None  
Details:   Extraordinary software, absolutely the best documentation I've seen, & priced right. Had it installed and files protected in no time. The developer is quick to respond to questions; the forum is an excellent source of information. Pages are easy to customize (both design and function). Examples for various different scenarios are included. It's designed to be very secure and allows you to protect vbscript asp pages, images, PDFs, etc. MANY advanced features. Version 5 was terrific. Version 7 is way better!
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

Sets a hig standard, awesome product    
Written by Anonymous User (#1303-184) from Texas   (Sunday, April 03, 2005)
Strengths:   Features and personalized customer support  
Weaknesses:   Not totally turnkey: you *do* need to configure stuff  
Details:   I've been using ASPProtect since a VERY early version, back in 2001, and it's simply hands-down the best. This latest version is worth every penny of the upgrade cost, and then some. By including PayPal and 2Connect integration, I don't have the hassle of sitting on top of my account creation. It's already paid for itself with ease of use and allowing more payment options than I originally had. Once configured, it's a dream to operate. I love it and have never had a frustration session with the product. It does what it's supposed to do. The configuration process can be tricky in places, but that's what documentation is for, and C. Williams has got some excellent docs online at his site. Hit a major snag? Don't worry. Post at his site and he will respond personally. In one of my cases, he found and improvement in his code and made that available within a few hours of my post. WOW. I am so happy with the product, I have yet to wonder how it could be made better. Even so, Mr. Williams continues to improve ASPProtect, to make sure it retains its lead as the BEST user management solution on the market. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. REPEAT. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT
Review Based On:   40 Month(s) of usage  

Free At Last from updates and maintaince drudgery!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1657-239)  (Saturday, November 20, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Power, Versatility, Low Price, Easy Install, & Customer Service!  
Weaknesses:   I'm still waiting to find one! You need a SIX STAR Rating!  
Details:   With nearly 2,000 U.S Air Force military police veterans in our membership roster, the Vietnam Security Police Association (VSPA) had simply outgrown our prior Password login program. After a lengthy search I discovered ASPProtect System. The Demo quickly proved itself superior to many of the high-priced Password programs I had surveyed and found lacking. I immediately purchased ASPProtect’s Full version for its power and incredible features. A snap to install, support is personal and simply outstanding. Membership self-registration is a breeze, and with the many levels of access I can assign, I never worry about unauthorized access by non-members. The mass e-mail features (mass, selected, personal) makes bulletins, renewal notifications nearly automatic and simple. Our membership loves the new ASPProtect system for its ease, and if there were room I would list some of their comments! I heartedly recommend ASPProtect to anyone needing Password Protect power, versatility, and incredible low price—I have yet to receive a single complaint about registration or login, and at last I am freed from the drudgery of maintaining the countless e-mail updates of our members. Thank you ASPProtect! PS: I have since purchased every product CJWSoft has to offer and have found that quality and service is the rule, and not the exception. Don Poss, Webmaster VSPA
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

A job well done    
Written by Anonymous User (#1627-172) from Netherlands   (Tuesday, November 05, 2002)
Strengths:   Simple use & instalation, easy to customize, good and honest support  
Weaknesses:   Well I wouldn't know any  
Details:   Chris took care of everything, many mailcomponents, different server models. Since my first experience with ASPprotect he has added many new features and with the recently purchased 'option pack' I'm top of the roof. Some Dutch language module would be nice ;-) Ad
Review Based On:   12 Month(s) of usage  

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