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 IIS Server Outage Reporter  [Demo] Cost: N/AVersion 1.0
If you've got a site on an NT/IIS shared server, you deserve to know how often it's restarting. Are you really getting the uptime you're being promised? Find out with this simple script. Code: VBScript

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Report of IIS server outages - a Must Have!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1709-273) from Honolulu, HI   (Saturday, May 27, 2000)
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Details:   Once in a while, I was unable to access pages from my virtual web host, but all contact with their support department indicated "nothing's wrong". Boy, were they wrong. I added the script to my site on May 24 and got reports of many outages. I contacted the author, and on May 26, I installed the beta package that reports outages and approximate duration. I found my site was unavailable for approximately 58 minutes out of the last 24hrs - well less than the 99% uptime I'm promised. This script is far better than any of the free or commercial monitoring services that check your website from another location every hour or some other interval because many outages last only a couple of minutes. Since the script runs on your virtual server it catches every outage. Because it runs only when the server is re-started, there's almost no overhead in adding this capability to a NT/IIS/ASP hosted site.




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