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 PDshop Shopping Cart & Store  [Demo] Cost: $99 USDVersion 2.0
PDshop is a professional, robust online store & shopping cart system. Unlimited Items, Categories, Featured Items, Sale Items, Shopping Cart, Order Status, & more. Real-Time Credit Card processing. Built-in HTML editor allows unlimited formatting. Code: ASP 3.0 & VBScript

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Very good solution    
Written by Anonymous User (#1275-103) from Los Angeles, CA, USA   (Monday, January 10, 2005)
Strengths:   Price, support, source code  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   This application was exactly what I needed. I wanted to get my company a new online store quickly without spending a million dollars. Pdshop pro is comprehensive, covers all of the basics for ecommerce and more. I highly recommend it. I had a few questions and was amazed at how fast they responded, this is a huge plus. With their source code I made the changes I needed with ease, the code is well commented and written like something you'd see in a textbook, a great idea. The price, support, and the source code make PDshop a good choice.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

If You Plan to be Sucessful, This Won't Cut It    
Written by Anonymous User (#1647-175)  (Wednesday, December 22, 2004)
Strengths:   Price?  
Weaknesses:   Confusing Site for Your Customers, Tedious for Your Staff  
Details:   After spending nearly a month trying to create a simple although admittedly outside the norm ecommerce site to accept convention registrations, I am really sorry we got involved with PDshopPro. The default pages it produces for your ecommerce site are pretty but to me they are way to complex and littered with all kinds of things that will drive customers away from your site. I eventually wrote an HTML front-end to load the shopping cart. Because of the tricks we had to pull to load the cart, the cart contents are not clear as they should be. Pressing on to the back-end, I found that new orders have to be retrieved one-by-one. The back-end staff doesn't have a way to retrieve all new orders with a single request. If your business is at all successful this back-end is going to kill you.
Review Based On:   1 Month(s) of usage  

I recommend it, price is perfect!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1393-201) from Chicago, IL   (Monday, May 03, 2004)
Strengths:   no comment  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   We were pleasantly surprised by it, works very well and is very fast. Fairly easy to customize, it is one of the better shopping cart packages out there. And, it is priced just right. They have several versions, we'd go with their Plus version as you can add the UPS and USPS rates.
Review Based On:   3 Month(s) of usage  

Limited shipment option    
Written by Anonymous User (#1508-87) from Singapore   (Sunday, April 18, 2004)
Strengths:   Easy to use shopping cart  
Weaknesses:   limited shipment option  
Details:   I cannot set free shipment for order over certain value... However overall it is still a good shopping cart.
Review Based On:   1 Day(s) of usage  

Written by Anonymous User (#1429-154) from Balt, MD   (Saturday, February 28, 2004)
Strengths:   Cheap, Easy to setup, customizable, great support.  
Weaknesses:   none yet.  
Details:   I have used this script for several of my customers. It works great out of the box. Easy to customize the top and bottom include banners, as well as the main content. I highly recommend this for someone who wants an easy to use and manage shopping cart solution. Supports multiple payment options.
Review Based On:   18 Month(s) of usage  

Excellent Storefront    
Written by Anonymous User (#1633-328)  (Sunday, January 18, 2004)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Fast, easy to modify & setup, powerful web admin.  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   We've been using this for over 8 months, and just upgraded to the new Plus edition as they call it (which has a few more features). Overall, this is a very fast and reliable storefront package, both version have exceeded my expectations. The web admin is terrific, including the export functions which make for easy reporting. We've encountered no problems and highly recommend it as the price is just super.
Review Based On:   8 Month(s) of usage  

Didn't cut it    
Written by Anonymous User (#1688-275) from Scotland   (Monday, January 12, 2004)
Strengths:   Cheap  
Weaknesses:   Code, too many hidden surprises  
Details:   (Addon to my last review - We gave up developing it for real world use as we kept finding areas where it didn't do what it said it did. It also kept falling over. In the end we were wasti9ng too much time so we sought an alternative and bought cactushop, which has worked brilliantly. If you are serious about an ecommerce app for your asp site then PDShop pro is not the one - sorry.
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

Needs some refinement    
Written by Stuart L from Scotland   (Wednesday, July 30, 2003)
Writer is with:
Strengths:   Great price, good features  
Weaknesses:   Database errors, not great for UK shops and some things don't work  
Details:   We installed it at At first glance it looked excellent but on actually running the app and customising it there were a number of errors and type mismatches when filling in forms. EG if you leave a field empty then it will spit out errors. Almost all of the forms need some kind of validation to stop this happening. The shipping tax section lists only US, Canada & Intl tax if you set the LCID to the UK option, it still references everything as a US site for shipping. The image upload feature struggles to upload anything bigger than a 10K file and we had to create our own upload page. The default page redirects to the main shop pages which are in their own directory which is a real problem with customisation. If want this type of directory structure then that's fine but the problems is with the search engine indexing. On the default page there is an instruction to pleace your "doorway" page here. Search engines are banning doorway pages so that's not such a great idea. It would be much better iof the shop pages were in the web root but because they aren't it makes it very time consuming to integrate the look and feel to that of your existing site. On the plus side, the price is crazy and worthy of a 5 star alone. It has the best features of any of the shops I've tried by far however, it's spoiled a little by the form bugs. Once they see to the likes of the form validation and bring out a version where it redirects, then it will be a much easier application to add straight into your site. Editing in ultradev was quite easy and we were able to adjust table sizes for the look and feel It's an excellent app but there needs to be a little bit of housekeeping to make it a 5 star app.
Review Based On:   6 Day(s) of usage  

Much more than a shopping cart, Best one so far!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1631-227) from New York, NY   (Tuesday, July 01, 2003)
Strengths:   Inexpensive, sets up quickly, Powerful Administrator, Supports SQL and Access, Unlimited Categories  
Weaknesses:   no comment  
Details:   Been using this storefront for about 2 months now. I bought it because we needed a shopping cart, but this is way more than a shopping cart. It's very fast even with hundreds of items in a ton of different categories. And you just can't beat it for the price. The Admin section for managing the storefront is great, far better than the others on the market. I've downloaded a free update for it already, which they release here and there, and it contained some new features... I was very pleased. Their Tech. support is great too.
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

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