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Brinkster has been an industry leader in free web hosting since 1999 and now we have done it again. Whether you’re a homemaker, a small business owner or a savvy developer you can have a free website! Sign up today, it’s free!

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Deleted and corrupt directories, Hours of Downtime    
Written by Anonymous User (#1385-210)  (Sunday, December 04, 2005)
Strengths:   Cheap, but now we see that you get what you pay for.  
Weaknesses:   downtime hours at a time, directories were deleted,  
Details:   The reason we are so upset is because our site is an e-commerce site. When we finally get visitors to our site, our goal is to get them to our online store. We have paid service with Brinkster. Right now, our site has been down for over 4 hours. This started maybe a month ago when I noticed that I had worked on a particular file one night. The next morning, I started to continue to work on it, but I noticed that none of the work from the previous night was there. It had reverted back. I remembered that something like this had happened a few nights ago, but I thought I messed something up. But, this time, I specifically remember working on and saving this file. So, I contacted Brinkster and they made it seem like it was our fault. They told me that if someone has our password they can delete it, but "Brinkster does not delete files." I specifically remember reading something from one of their admnins in their support section saying that they WILL delete files without notice if they're against tos, audio files, etc. The latest two-yes, two-incidents have really annoyed us. Yesterday, most of the files in our store were corrupted because of a "hardware malfunction" according to one of their guys. I managaged to upload all of our files again. This morning I get back to work and the content of most of the same files have been deleted. Just when you think Brinkster can't mess things up even more for us, we can't reupload our files to fix their mistake. Why? Because their ftp service is unavailable. I finally got an answer from someone who said that ftp would be available within 90 minutes. Well, that was over 16 hours ago. Still no ftp. Don't go to Brinkster. They mess up your site and half of their representatives will deny that it was their fault and try to pin their incompetence on your employees.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Written by Anonymous User (#1776-172)  (Friday, August 05, 2005)
Writer is with: **Removed by ASPIN admin for content**
Strengths:   Ran great for 2 years then major problems  
Weaknesses:   Tech Support and Server Downtime  
Details:   Well here it is almost 12 days since my problems began and finally my site is up and running, for past 24 hrs anyways. It took countless chats with their tech support ( not much help at all there! ) and after 12 days they still won't admit they were having problems. Their servers have a hard time running correctly with ASP and had to change all non essential pages from ASP to HTML to get it to run properly. It is still too early to tell if this is a permanent fix but for the moment it appears to have worked.
Review Based On:   using demo only  

Email is terrible, support is marginal    
Written by Anonymous User (#1477-237) from San Diego   (Thursday, July 14, 2005)
Strengths:   Good ASP.NET functionality, script library  
Weaknesses:   Email is up an down like the wind...  
Details:   Nice library of code snippets and asp/ objects. Email was never stable maybe 80% uptime. Support people are belligerent and not very knowledgable, including the VP of Operations, Paul Murdock. I gave them 5 months to resolve their constant routing and Email server problems they could never get it fixed correctly. I finally had to switch services.
Review Based On:   7 Month(s) of usage  

email is down a lot    
Written by Anonymous User (#1565-122) from san antonio,tx   (Monday, May 16, 2005)
Strengths: php mysql access  
Weaknesses:   email servers always are down, second dns is down  
Details:   host only your web applications
Review Based On:   2 Month(s) of usage  

Good hosting but you won't be receiving e-mails!    
Written by Anonymous User (#1339-53) from London, England   (Monday, May 09, 2005)
Strengths:   Lots of ASP options and components  
Weaknesses:   Extremely unreliable e-mail. Keep it hosted elsewhere!  
Details:   Brinkster's e-mail service has been down for all users since the 7th of May (it is now mid-day on May 9th). That's 2 and a half days where none of their customers can verifiably get e-mails... Check these forums on Brinkster's own site to see more about the problem... Host your site here but don't depend on brinkster to give you e-mail...
Review Based On:   36 Month(s) of usage  

Overall: Satisfied with Paid version    
Written by Anonymous User (#1381-199) from Washington, DC   (Sunday, May 08, 2005)
Strengths:   Works for me, good performance  
Weaknesses:   Email server is down a lot, or slow  
Details:   I pay under $7 a month for Brinkster. It works great for me (, as I run ASP against MS Access. My entire website content is database-driven. I could go with SQL Server, but right now, my website works well with Access, so I don't have a compelling reason to upgrade. It is also easier to make changes to my website on my home PC, then upload the MDB file. I need to write some Web GUIs to update my website. Then I won't have to upload my MDB anymore. I can just make the updates using the Web GUI, and download my MDB to keep my local copy current. My main problem is with the Email server. As I write this, my email account is inaccessible via their web interface. A lot of the time, their web interface for email is very slow or not responding.
Review Based On:   14 Month(s) of usage  

The best free service    
Written by Anonymous User (#1449-244) from Türkiye   (Monday, May 02, 2005)
Strengths:   Easy to use  
Weaknesses:   15 mb is not enough  
Details:   The best free service i have ever seen.What do you want for free? Huge banners on the top of page? It's working very well with access! For free asp hosting brinkster is the best solution.
Review Based On:   4 Month(s) of usage  

the worst    
Written by Anonymous User (#1308-112) from Costa Mesa, CA   (Friday, January 28, 2005)
Strengths:   live chat with support  
Weaknesses:   constantly down  
Details:   I am a current paying brinkster customer, I've been using the service for about 9 months now. From the day I started using brinkster I had problems with either the servers being down or the mySQL database being down. Support never has an ETA on fixes, it will get fixed when it's fixed. I highly recommend not using this service, when my 1 year subscription is sup I'm out of there. It has been a HUGE strain on my business.
Review Based On:   9 Month(s) of usage  

Written by Anonymous User (#1558-161) from Maanchester, UK   (Wednesday, May 26, 2004)
Strengths:   none  
Weaknesses:   Not free anymore  
Details:   Tried to find the link to the free hosting and it's gone. The updated interface uses and all links are to paid services
Review Based On:   27 Month(s) of usage  

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